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 Why friendship?

Friendship is about being vulnerable and allowing others to see you for who you really are. It’s sharing your light, but also being comfortable with sharing your insecurities and darkness. Friendship is about letting the people in your life be there for you - even when it’s challenging - surrendering to their love and letting them hold space for you. It’s about allowing you to show your authentic self – even when you’re not at your best – remembering the importance of this darkness, for there will be no shadows without light. I used to put up this big front when I was in a bad mood because I thought my friends won’t be able to handle it. But you would be surprised at how amazing people can be if you just give them a chance to be there for you.  

This collection is inspired by my Californian journey. I followed my love for a man I met in Hawaii, and when I got there, I’ve realised this is not romantic love, but rather a love that stems from a deep friendship, and unconditional connection. Around him, I felt like I can be my true self – for all my light and all my darkness – and it wouldn’t scare him away. Quite the opposite – as time progressed, I felt like our love grew deeper and deeper, and we survived the challenges we encountered along the way. My friendship with him and the radical acceptance between us opened a door to so much growth in my other relations – especially with my girlfriends.

I’ve been surfing and doing sports all my life, so growing up my friends have mostly been boys I’ve met doing these activities. Today,  I feel and recognise the power of sisterhood – of relating to other women. I am surrounded by incredible women who support and challenge me, and who inspire me every day to be a better version of myself. My time in Cali has taught me to trust my intuition when it comes to life decisions, to believe that the universe is sending me wo(men) who are right for my journey. I allow myself to be more and more vulnerable and I see how it deepens and unfolds new layers of friendship with my sisters, taking us to new heights. 

Why pearls?

When I travelled solo in California, I’ve found an amazing selection of pearls. Pearls are nested inside their shells and are protected by them until they’re ready. Just like the pearls, our internal voice – our intuition – protects us and guides us until we’re ready. This voice recognises what’s best for us and loves us unconditionally. The first true friendship we have is with ourselves, so we need to treat ourselves like we’re our own best friends.

We can learn a lot from pearls about stepping into our power while embracing our vulnerability, because at the end of the day, being vulnerable is being able to show your gentle sides without trying to control the result. And pearls – well they are strong and sturdy, but they are also gentle and beautiful – just like us.  

There is incredible power in sisterhood and radical love towards ourselves and those around us. This collection is a reminder of that.   



How to measure your ring size? 

Click here for a ring sizing video 

All you need is a pair of scissors, a piece of thread and a ruler.
Wrap the thread around your finger, then mark and cut the spot where the thread meets.
Measure the length of the thread with your ruler. This will give you the circumference (C) of your ring size
Now you can choose your size from our ring sizing chart.
if you are still not sure about the right size, or your size doesn't show in our chart, you are more than welcome to contact us and we'll be happy to assist you.
To put in the belly button piercing, grasp the ring between the fingers and thumb on either side of the opening and pull one side of the ring toward you and the other side away from you. This will twist the metal to widen the opening for you to insert the jewellery. Do not pull the jewellery apart as this may put stress on the metal. You may use pliers if you cannot use your fingers. Put the jewellery into the hole and close the same way.
The ring is made of either Silver 925 or Gold-filled.
To maintain the cleanliness of the piercing, in the first week you should always wash your hands before handling, and clean 3 times a day in a saltwater solution (glass of water with three teaspoons of salt) and apply an antibiotic cream during the week. It is not recommended to enter a chlorine swimming pool within the first 10 days of changing the piercing. However, if you do, it is recommended to wash the area with soap in the shower afterwards. Seawater is good for the piercing.
You should avoid tight clothes that may snag the piercing. This may cause infection so please be careful. The warranty does not cover the jewellery in the event of infection or allergies of any kind. No responsibility for a loss.
If you have any questions or need some help, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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